Personalized Botox and Filler Treatment Services For You

Our BOTOX and Filler treatments are customized for you. Learn more today!
Personalized Botox and Filler Treatment Services For You
BOTOX and Fillers

Why BOTOX and Fillers?

Why BOTOX and Fillers? 

Receiving Botox and Fillers from your dentist is a minimally invasive way to reduce wrinkles, reduce gummy smiles, help with adjusting to new dentures or lip augmentation. Botox and fillers are also a proper treatment for TMD/TMJ or other facial pain. 

What to Expect


The doctor will discuss your personalized treatment plan taking into account your facial desires or pain. Doctors will give their best recommendation based on your face structure. Make sure to drink plenty of water leading up to the procedure.


The doctors at Dental Care Associates will ensure you are comfortable and will answer any questions you might have regarding your procedure. The procedure will consist of several small injections of the Botox solution to the target areas, previously determined by your doctor. The injections are not painful. The entire treatment should take less than 30 minutes. 


Expect to have some bruising on your face after receiving BOTOX and Fillers. Eating pineapple before your surgery will help minimize bruising and swelling as the enzymes found in pineapple have anti-inflammatory properties. Make sure to drink plenty of water and treat the area with ice packs. Avoid heat, exercise, alcohol or excessive caffeine after your botox treatment. Do not plan any other dental appointments within two weeks after your botox treatment as this can lead to infection. 

Your First Visit

Expect to have an in-depth consultation with your cosmetic dentist or any other dental professionals that will be involved in your bonding BOTOX and Filler treatment. This first visit will include a careful examination and a customized plan to best suit your needs. The length of the visit will range depending on the treatment plan needed. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the injections hurt?
Most patients describe the injection sensation as a little pinch, but not painful. 
What can I eat after receiving BOTOX injections?
No special diet is required after getting BOTOX. However, we recommend drinking lots of water and avoiding alcohol.