Laser Dentistry Treatment in Pennsylvania That Will Brighten Your Smile

Laser dentistry is an up-and-coming form of dentistry that helps to brighten your smile.
Laser Dentistry Treatment in Pennsylvania  That Will Brighten Your Smile
Laser Dentistry

Why Laser Dentistry ?

Lasers in dentistry are a great tool for patients looking for treatment with less pain, less swelling, less bleeding, and less noise. Lasers can be used to:

  • replace the drilling of a new filling
  • curing the filling, which strengthens the bond between the filling and the tooth

What to Expect


Before the laser dental treatment, you should brush and floss your teeth to make sure they are as clean as possible. The dentist will examine your teeth, just like any other dental visit. Sometimes, x-rays may be needed to see if there are any problems with your teeth before the procedure begins.


Laser dentistry treatments can be much faster than a regular dentist visit, and much less painful. They may take up to 3 hours, but can sometimes only last 1-2 hours. Anesthesia is not common during laser treatment for teeth because there is no need for any needles or other invasive procedures.


One or two follow-up visits are usually needed after an initial laser treatment to ensure that it is working effectively. You may have to come back for more treatments if the results are not as desired. There is little to no recovery time for laser dentistry treatment.

Your First Visit

During your first visit, your teeth will first be examined by the dentist. Then, you will put on protective goggles to prevent the laser from harming your eyes. Once the treatment has begun, you will be able to relax as your teeth and gums are worked on by the laser.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are laser dental treatments used for?
Lasers are used for cosmetic procedures such as removing or reshaping gum tissue around teeth.
When can laser dental treatment not be used?
There are still times when a laser cannot be used. Examples of this are when an area already has a filling, when a filling is needed in between teeth, or when preparing a tooth for a crown.